Matching Handbag and Wallet – Sewing Project

Thought you might like to see my latest handmade gifts which I made for my mum’s birthday. She had seen a handmade bag she loved in a magazine and mentioned how much she’d love it (hint! hint!).  So, although I’ve used the same fabric combination as it looked really lovely, I did my own take on it so that it was my own design and not just a straight copy. I did exterior pockets, two on both sides and used plenty of interfacing and interlining to make it hard wearing and substantial. I also added a couple of interior patch pockets and I hunted high and low for the perfect leather handle – found the right one on Etsy from Doodoo Shop. Another fellow Etsian, Emily Dewees Jewelry, does the most amazing little metal tags which she hand stamps with whatever you like and so I had her make me some with my business name on it. And so this is how the bag turned out…

While I was making the bag, I decided ”wouldn’t it be nice to do a matching wallet for it”. Was also a great way of using up the surplus fabric I had left over. Mum loves her new bag and got a nice little extra surprise when she opened the bag to find the wallet hiding inside. I just love giving handmade things as presents. Saves a small fortune too! Here’s the wallet I made…


9 thoughts on “Matching Handbag and Wallet – Sewing Project

    1. Hi, thanks so much. The fabrics are lovely aren’t they? I usually just work with cotton but I really liked the cotton / linen blend of these fabrics and they produce a nice substantially feeling bag. Good to work with, I definitely must use more of that type of fabric in some new handbag designs.

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