Customer Makes and Comments on Sewing Patterns

I love to see and hear about the handmade items my customers have made from using my sewing patterns. I thought I’d share a few with you here as they are so creative and I really like the little tweaks and embellishments used, which have enhanced the designs even more.

The following two bags have been handmade by Fiona Slack, aren’t they just gorgeous? I love the embellishments and the use of lovely bright colours. Fiona used my Elegance Tote Bag sewing pattern to make them.

Handmade Bag

Fiona's Handmade Bag with embellishments

“I enjoyed making the earlier bag and am hoping to make 3 pattern variations of this new bag pattern for daughters at Christmas.”

“Two handbags I have made so far from your fab pattern. Have added a few additions to the bags – I decided late in the day to put in magnetic clasps which meant a bit of a redo so I added a tab to one bag. Also as a magpie there was some embellishment needed. I’m delighted with the patterns – I find your instructions so clear and with the photos showing exactly what to do it’s pretty idiot-proof.” Fiona Slack

I was recently sent some lovely images and comments by Beverly, who has an Etsy shop called ButterBeans & ChickPeas (even the shop name is so inspiring) selling her beautiful handmade items. Beverly used my Abigail Diaper Bag sewing pattern to make the following baby bag. I love it!!

Beverly's Handmade Bags

“Your pattern went very smoothly. At first with all those pieces I was worried I couldn’t keep organized. I ended up using pinned notes to each to keep my brain straight. ha. It worked out perfectly. My client uses this bag as her diaper bag for her new baby. She loves it. Also I had many people oww-ing & aww-ing over it. It was just such a great & functional bag.” Beverly Lauzon

I’m so delighted that Fiona and Beverly got on so well with the bags they have made. What wonderful and creative work.


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