Customer News – Fabulous Handmade Handbag

I received a lovely email from Sarah (Hunting For Ladybugs on Etsy), who has followed my Amelia Pleated Handbag sewing pattern to make the most delightful handbag. I’m very pleased to be able to share it here with you, by kind permission from Sarah.

I think the use of denim for the top bands and handle looks amazing, next to the gorgeous main body fabric. Bright, vibrant fabrics are a top favourite of mine. What a quality piece of work! As you can tell, I just love it!

”Just  thought I’d send you a photo of your Amelia pleated bag pattern that I finally got around to making this morning. I used denim for around the bands and I didn’t have any of the strap hardware so I just left it out.  I’m pleased with how I turned out. Thanks again.” Sarah

Beautiful Handbag Handmade by Sarah, of Hunting for Ladybugs on Etsy

Handmade by Sarah, of Hunting for Ladybugs on Etsy. Made using the Amelia Pleated Handbag by SusieDDesigns


15 thoughts on “Customer News – Fabulous Handmade Handbag

  1. Awww – thanks Susie. I’ve made a few more for local market stall coming up in March. The pattern has come up really well yet again. I’ve modified it so that I don’t pleat the lining (mainly to save on fabric and fiddle) and it doesn’t seem to make much difference to the overall look. Thanks again for your thinking behind a great pattern! 🙂 Sarah

    1. You’re very welcome, pleased you’re getting on so well with it and good luck for the markets. That’s a great idea to modify the lining, I’m actually going to add an option to the pattern to allow for that as not everyone will want to pleat the inside too. Good to get the feedback on it.

  2. Love the fabric! Any chance you could share where you got it? Thanks much! Been going back op and forth on this and another pattern of yours. Can’t decide on which! 🙂

    1. Hi Denise, thanks so much. Really pleased you like the patterns. Is it the blue/black bird fabric that I used for the Amelia Handbag that you’re after? I have this fabric and can sell you what you need of it, although not listed on my site I can Paypal invoice you for it if you like. The other alternative, if you wanted that pattern too, I have a kit on my site which includes the pattern and everything you need to make it, including the fabric. See it here: Amelia Handbag Sewing Kit.

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