Totes Amaze! My Sewing Projects in the new Crafty Magazine.

I was so pleased when this new magazine eventually dropped through the letter box. I had been asked (quite some time ago) to contribute to the first ever issue of a new craft magazine – Crafty. What a lovely opportunity! Well, it’s been a long time coming and I didn’t know what the feature was going to look like until I’d eventually seen my copy a couple of weeks ago. So I must admit to having been quite apprehensive about it. Well here it is…

Tote Sewing Projects by Susan Dunlop for Crafty magazine. The new magazine is a very nice quality and has plenty of fresh looking, modern ideas to make and create. It boasts a range of craft projects include sewing, knitting, upcycling, machine embroidery, floral sculpture and paper craft. There’s also quite a few interesting articles throughout the magazine. All-in-all, I think you’ll enjoy this new magazine and I hope you like my tote bag projects.

Tote Bag Sewing Projects by Susan Dunlop

These bag projects are quite simple, compared to the ones I normally do, so are for novice/beginner level. The magazine covers crafts in general (not just sewing) and is mainly aimed at those new to the world of crafting. To make the bags more interesting and pleasing to look at, I used gorgeous fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics and by Joel Dewberry, both which are available from Gone To Earth.

Find out more about Crafty on Facebook or check out the website

Crafty Magazine Issue 1


9 thoughts on “Totes Amaze! My Sewing Projects in the new Crafty Magazine.

  1. Oh, these are lovely; I have so many totes, I’ve lost count! They make perfect grocery shopping companions as I buy all of my meat, fruit and veggies from the local market!

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