Sewing Machine Review – Frister and Rossmann Professional Quilter’s Edition QE404

A while back my Janome sewing machine packed in and had to be sent off to be fixed. Meanwhile I was going to be left without a sewing machine for several weeks. Not good! Being an essential part of my business, really can’t work without one, I decided I’d need to buy a new one. The fact that my current machine had stopped working, highlighted the fact that I should maybe have a backup so that I could always have one on standby.

Well, the justification over, the new one I found was a Frister & Rossmann Professional Quilter’s Edition QE404. Not that I’m a quilter, although I dabble in it sometimes, but I was drawn to this one due to all the features it had and there were quite a lot of good reviews for it online. The bonus was that it was priced very reasonably for what you get, £289 and it came with a fantastic freebie bundle. I bought my machine from The Ironing Press Company which has shops on Ebay and Amazon.

Sewing Machine Review

I’ve had a chance now to give it a good run in and I must say it’s been a great choice. All-in-all I think it would be suitable for beginners and experienced alike. One word of warning if you’re buying this. The instruction booklet has been translated into English and has spelling mistakes and bad grammar. There are very clear diagrams throughout, though, so I found it easy enough to follow over-all. Here’s a list of some features:

Stitches: It has 170 plain and decorative stitches, including up to 6m alphabet stitching. I’m not sure if I’ll ever use them all but the range of stitch types is fantastic, there’s even pretty floral ones, animal ones, Japanese symbols, the list is endless. The machine also boasts 5 one-step automatic button holes, with 13 different styles, plus eyelet stitch.

Sewing Machine decorative stitches

Electronic / Computerised: this was a first for me, to have an electronic computerised machine, and I’m very impressed. It has an interactive LCD display screen, small but does the job and shows clearly what has been selected. It’s also helpful if you’ve done something wrong or a glitch arises, as it immediately stops the machine and shows a symbol to indicate what’s wrong. There’s a stitch memory so that you can program your selection of stitching, including number or letter sequences and it can stop at the end of your chosen sequence. Most of the functions are controlled electronically, so at a push of a button you can easily access some very useful features and quickly adjust the stitch length or width.

Electronic Computerised Sewing Machine

Automatic Needle Threader: There’s a lever that you can bring down to help thread the needle. I had this on my old machine but never used it as thought would be fiddly. I tried it on the new one and always use now as it’s really good. It’s a bit difficult to use at first but after you’ve tried it once or twice it’s a breeze. The needle must be at it’s highest position then you bring the lever down and follow the instructions for where to hook your thread. There is a little tiny grabber that goes through the needle eye and, on release of the lever, it pulls the thread though.

Sewing Machine Automatic Needle Threader

Twin Needle Threading: An extra spool pin is supplied which is slotted into place to allow two different threads to be used along with a twin needle. You simply thread up as normal and then put each thread through each needle eye (automatic needle threader can’t be used).

Speed Limiter: I’ve found this to be a really useful feature. You can control how slow or fast you stitch, great for beginners who may prefer to stitch slowly at first and then gradually build up the speed as confidence grows. Even for the experienced though, it’s useful for the times that you need to control the speed you stitch. I like the way the machine starts off slowly and then within seconds it gets up to the maximum speed that you’ve set. If you try to press the foot pedal too fast when you first start sewing, the machine will not start. It stops itself until you lift your foot off and then press it down slower. I found this a bit annoying at first but soon got used to it and I think this would be another good feature for beginners, so that you start off slowly and gradually build up the speed.

Stop/Start FeatureThis function allows you to stitch automatically, without the foot pedal being plugged in. Very useful I think. I tried this on a slow speed to begin with until I got used to using the stop/start button instead of the foot pedal.

Needle Up/Down Function: This is one of my favourite functions on the machine. You maybe wouldn’t think it would make such a difference but it really does. It’s not until you have this feature that you realise what a useful one it is. It eliminates the need to use the hand wheel and makes sewing so much quicker and less fiddly, as a result. A handily placed button is used for setting whether the needle should be up or down whenever you stop stitching. When you start off, you simply position your fabric under the foot as normal and press the button to make the needle go down. Start stitching and whenever you stop, to adjust or move the fabric around, the needle will stop in the down position. When you’ve stopped sewing just press the button to put the needle back into up position.

Reverse Button: Most machines have this feature for back-stitching but, being electronic, this one took a little bit getting used to. It works really well but when you press the button you need to be aware that the machine will slow down (helpful) and there’s a very slight delay (1-2 stitches) before it goes into reverse. So you need to press the button just before you want to go backwards.

Free Arm: This is essential for sewing trouser legs and sleeves. I use this facility a lot when I’m bag making, mostly for stitching around the top edges of bags and accessories. On this machine, you remove the accessories box to allow you to fit trouser legs and sleeves, or in my case bags, over the free arm.

Sewing Machine free arm facility

Quilting and Embroidery: 20 of the stitches have been specially designed for quilting, giving you plenty of variety. The machine also comes with a flat bed table extension to increase working area. The feed dogs can be dropped for doing free hand embroidery or for traditional darning.

Sewing Machine Frister & Rossmann QE404

Sewing Feet: I am so impressed by the range of sewing feet supplied: general all-purpose foot, narrow hem foot, buttonhole foot, gathering foot, blind hem foot, straight sewing foot, overlock foot, cording foot, embroidery foot, walking foot and cutting/sewing foot. I don’t think I’ll want for any other feet ever (apart from a teflon coated one I’d bought separately for sewing laminated cotton).

Accessories and Freebies: I think everything you could need to start sewing comes with this package. As well as all the extra feet (above) it comes with the usual accessories: bobbins, screw drivers, spool caps, button hole cutter, extra spool pin and finger protector. The extra freebies I got were a pack of scissors in all sizes, thread nippers, loads of extra needles in different sizes, a box of 10 large sewing threads, seam ripper and a sewing essentials kit.

All-in-all this sewing machine is a fantastic all-rounder. I love using it and it’s ant-jam rotary mechanism is very quite and works smoothly. It’s capable of sewing all types of fabric, from light weight delicates to heavy denim.


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  1. I thought I might upgrade my Frister Rossmann 66, it isn’t broken and I have used it for lots of sewing, repair work mainly, making clothes for my daughter’s and curtains. I have had it for 33 years and still going well, but I like the idea of a computerised machine and would like to try quilting. Sally

    1. Hi Sally, thanks for comment. It’s a great feature being computerised and I think it will be good for quilting. I’ll be posting more about this once I’ve had a go at quilting on it. 🙂

    2. Sorry to jump on this post but im struggling with my f&r 66…Sally, dont suppose you have a manual for yours do you? i cant seem to get one anywhere and would really love to know how to use my mums machine properly (she died so cant show me know)

      1. hi Laura, you’re more than welcome to ask away. I hope someone can help. Have you tried a search on Ebay? If anyone can help Laura out, please get in touch.

      2. Hi Laura, I have just seen your post regarding the instruction manual for the f&r 66, I’d be more than happy to send you either a scanned or photo copy if you’re still in need

  2. I took delivery of this machine yesterday but am having real difficulty with the straight stitch, I can’t get a straight stitch that does not look like a piece of thread laid on the top of the fabric. It is almost as if the stitch is not properly formed although it is? Difficult to explain but there is no way I can use the straight stitch as a top stitch it looks dreadful, any ideas where I am going wrong.
    Lyndsay Eason

    1. Hi Lyndsay, I dont have the same machine but another Frister and Rossmann. I had a similar problem the first time I used my machine and it turned out that the bobbin underneath wasn’t set up right (I hadn’t taken it out of the machine and ensured the thread was through the bobbin tension correctly). Once I had done this it works perfectly. My own fault for assuming the machine came with the bobbin pre-loaded correctly for me! Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for that Liz. I didn’t have any luck with any fault finding techniques so I sent the machine back for a refund. I have ordered a Janome and will collect it when I return from holiday!

      2. Hi, ive just read your comments and wondered if thats what is wrong with my machine. How did you fix yours please.

  3. Hi there, I too have this machine. I’m struggling with how to use the ‘cut & hem’ foot which came as an accessory. I have some t-shirts I would like to shorten the sleeves on. Do you have any tips/tutorials on how to attach and use the foot?



  4. Hi…..interested to know how you find the embroidery? Especially the alphabet……think about getting to personalise pressies!! Thanks……interested to hear your thoughts! 😉

    1. Hi Debby,

      The embroidery features are quite good, will be doing a post about it all soon including images on how the alphabet looks and some info on it. I quite like it but turned out a bit different to what I expected. Look out for post about this soon.

  5. Hi suzie, could you clarify the maximum alphabet size as I am thinking about getting this machine.


  6. Dear Ladies,
    after looking for reviews for the QE 404 I have found your website. Since a couple of weeks I use this sew machine for quilting my first blanket. The first time it sew really nice and good but as I made embroidery stitches on the almost ready quilt the machine makes problems. The embroidery stitch is very unequally. It’s a pity and I don’t know if it was me who made anything wrong or if it’s the machine. The quilt ist with a H640 fleece in the middle. But as I sew only the fabric without the fleece the stitch was same unequal. So, what do I do wrong? Or is it the QE 404?

    If anybody of you Ladies know a proper answer you would make me really happy. Because it’s still time to give the machine back to the supplier.

    Thank you!

    1. Hmmmm! I would try adjusting the settings on the machine first of all. There’s a bit in the instructions about adjusting a setting if the embroidery stitching is uneven. It’s the Stitch balance Dial, which is a screw located on right hand side of machine, above the on/off switch. You only adjust it by very tiny amounts. If the embroidery pattern is overlapping, you turn dial clockwise. If the pattern has spaces (too far apart) turn anti-clockwise. Remember just tiny adjustments until looks right. The other thing I’d check is the tension dial. Try at lower or higher settings (but need to be different depending on thickness of fabric layers you’re sewing. Lastly, check that you’re sewing with a new sharp needle which is the right thickness for the job and make sure it’s not bent in the slightest.

      Failing all that, contact the seller to see if they can offer any solutions and if get no joy then maybe think about sending back.

      Hope that helps, let me know how you get on and any verdict on what was wrong.


  7. Dear Susie,
    where did you find “quite a lot of good reviews…”. I cannot find only one! Can you please give me the web-adresses.

    Thanks a lot,

  8. Susan,
    I already found reviews at Amazon UK and most of them are good. Here in Germany this Company (Frister & Rossmann) is not very popular. Customers concentrate more on Brother, Singer, Bernina or Pfaff. Thats why I couldn’t find reviews on the German market.

    1. That’s a shame it’s not popular there, I’m quite happy with it. Not had for very long though so hoping will stand up to the job in the long run!

  9. hi can anybody help i bought the frister rossman 761 a couple of years ago from sewingmachinesdirect i dont do a lot of sewing the foot lever will not hold up and it is not picking up the thread from the spool i have contacted the supplier suppose to be collecting it been told were coming on four separate occasions nobody been getting abit annoyed now

  10. hi, I got this machine a week ago and am struggling to program it to embroider words. I’ve never used a computerised machine before. Any advice would be gratefully received. Otherwise, I am really pleased with the machine.

    1. Hi Karen, I had never used a computerised machine before either, so it was all new to me and had to muddle through to try figure out how to program words. But finally got there and so I’ll do a post about how to program it if you like? Once you get to grips with it, it’s quite enjoyable to use.

  11. Im just wondering how you’re getting on with this machine a few months down the line?

    I currently have an 18 month old Brother BC-2100 and I’ve had constant problems with the bobbin tension and the machine not picking up the bobbin thread, but it’s intermittent and every time I call Brother it works fine!

    At this point I just want to buy a new machine – most of the ones I’m looking at are £350-£400 and don’t have anywhere near the features of this one or the feet. The fact that it’s so cheap is great but has me worried about it’s strength and reliability.

    I want to make bags with firm interfacing and proper quilts which is all out of the question with my machine. With the name, I’m guessing this should do those things but wondering if it actually does! My machine struggles with just four layers of quilting cotton – how does this one do with lots of layers / batting etc?

    Sewing Machines Direct told me they don’t think this would as durable as a Janome or Pfaff so I’m really unsure.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Rachel,

      I’m still not sure how long this one is going to stand up to the test of time, especially with lots of layers. I use lots of layers when making some of my bags – main fabric, interfacing, interlining, lining. So far it’s coped well with this but I’m not sure if it will last as long as I’d like. The features with this machine are great, for the price you pay, but you usually get the quality you pay for and I wouldn’t like to suggest that this one will remain robust enough. I just don’t know at this stage. If you have £350 – £400 to spend, I would definitely look at more robust brands like Janome and Pfaff and Brother, etc and look out for good models on sale so that you can get more for your money. Although this one has loads of extra features, many won’t get used and it might be worth paying a little extra for less features. At the moment, I’m swapping between the QE404 and my original Janome 7025 – quite a basic sewing machine but it does the job (and back to normal after being fixed – it had to go back to the manufacturer’s to have the hand wheel lubricated. This is a part that is supposed to self-lubricate with use, but they tell me maybe hadn’t been lubricated enough when made!) I’m now making sure I swap the machines over each week to keep them in use so that not sitting around unused.

      Hope that helps,


  12. I’ve a frister and rossman 681c but have no idea how to attach the embroidery foot – its not in the manual!! any ideas? thanks Helen

    1. Hi Helen,

      You need to unscrew the presser foot holder (the bottom half of the presser foot arm – there’s a screw at left hand side of presser foot arm). This will leave you with just the top half of the presser foot arm. See the image at the beginning of my Cut and Hem post. Then place the two pronged holder of the embroidery foot around the presser foot arm, at the screw position, and replace the screw to hold it firmly in place. Let me know if still unclear and I’ll post some images.

      Hope that helps.

  13. Help! I got a brand new machine today and can’t, for love nor money, get the needle to pick the bobbin thread up. I have never worked with a drop in bobbin but surely the concept shouldn’t be too different to a vertical one? Looking at the casing though, it seems to be a few cm’s away from the needle and I just can’t imagine how the needle is supposed to make contact with the bobbin/thread

    1. I know what you mean, it looks like there’s no possibility of the bobbin thread being picked up with the bobbin being a few cm’s away. But I promise you it will, if you place the bobbin thread correctly. Have a look at this easy-to-follow diagram tutorial for drop in bobbins on the Singer website:
      Once you’ve followed the steps given, take the needle down and then back up and the bobbin thread should be caught on it, pull it through. Hope that helps.

  14. Hi. I have the F+R QE404. I’m trying my first freehand quilt. I have lowered the feed dog and now can’t get it to go back up. I’ve moved the lever on the back of the machine side to side, but nothing happens. Help?

    1. Hi Karen, it’s fine don’t panic – I did when that first happened to me too, thought it was broken. When you lower the feed dogs they make an obvious movement (and thunk) as they go down. But when you slide the button back there’s no movement at all and no sound. So, it appears that they haven’t come back up. But if you start sewing, they will move up and down as normal. I know, seems really strange. Test this out by taking both the needle and bobbin threads out (so they’re out of the way). Slide the button to the position where the feed dogs are lowered, turn the hand wheel towards you, (keep turning) to get the needle going up and down, and you’ll see that the feed dogs don’t come up. Now, slide the feed dog button back to normal and do the same again with hand wheel. The feed dogs should start moving.
      Hope that helps, if it doesn’t though give the retailer a call.
      Let me know how you get on.

  15. Hi all, i’ve had this machine for a little while and keep getting the same problem. When i’m sewing a zigzag stitch, every so often it misses stiches. I’ve tried adjusting tension etc. but to no avail. Any suggestions?

  16. Hi Susie. I am just setting up my new 404 but am having trouble winding the bobbin. It keeps beeping up an error message of stop, turn handle to solve torque problem. My previous machine had to have the handle pulled out but I assume that’s not the case on this one and believe I’ve followed the instructions… Are you able to say what I’m doing wrong? Thanks Maria

    1. Hi Maria, yep this one doesn’t need the handle pulled out. You’ve probably already done this but make sure you push the bobbin winder to the right and (although instructions don’t say, make sure the needle is at its highest point.) The only other thing I can think of is that you need to press on the foot pedal quite gradually/slowly. If its pressed down too quickly it won’t work which might be causing the error. Hope that helps, if not I’d contact the seller.

  17. Hi. Have found reading your blog very helpful and have just bought a Qe 681. I have just started quilting and warned something a bit better than my very entry model singer.
    I received the machine on Monday from sewing machines direct after ordering from sewing machines direct . Very good service considering we live in Belgium! Free delivery too.
    So far so good , have been having a playground with it and it seems to cope well with the walking foot and quilting layers.
    The one thing that concerns me is the bobbin see through cover, seems to be quite flimsy and does nit always lift easily. Have you had any problems ?
    Will be having a look at dome of your tutorials.

  18. Hi Julie, am considering buying the 681C at the moment but can see very few reviews for it. What do you think of it? Does it seem fairly robust. Need it for quilting and bag-making. Quite attracted by the price but a little voice keeps telling me – you get what you pay for. Is it just too cheap?

    1. Hi lynn. Have used my machine for a couple of weeks now and have made a quilt . I really wanted to buy a Bernina but the price was obviously a lot higher . The machine seems to have been fine.having the extra feet And extension table included was a factor for me when buying too. The only problem I have had is when trying to use a rayon embroidery thread , it was fine with straight stitch but could not cope with a pattern , not sure if it was because I needed a different needle ? If anyone has any advice on that I round be grateful. I used the thread that came with the machine and cotton threads and they have been fine.
      The machine is not going to be as robust as a bernina but I think it seems good value for money. The one thing that concerns me a little is the bobbin cover is a bit flimsy but seems to be ok when you get the back of fitting it in correctly.
      The walking foot included seems to cope well with quilting
      Think it comes down in the end as to how much you want to spend really. Would still like a berina one day.
      Hope this helps. Please e mail if you have any other questions

  19. Hi I am desperate of Cheshire. My lovely machine which was my mums is doing lovely stitches but the pattern on the underside of the fabric. What am I doing wrong. Is there a nifty switch which I have pressed. It was sewing fine – pattern on too and then somehow next piece I inserted it’s started sewing the pattern on the underside. I am so fed up. Anyone please ??

    1. Thanks for getting in touch and for letting me know you’d got it sorted and sewing beautifully now. (spool in back to front, as different to some other machines – mentioning the problem incase anyone else has same issue)
      Happy Sewing Joanne

  20. Thanks everyone for you replies. I may just be tempted in the next week or so. It seems such a good price.
    For me it will be a back up machine but will still get used a fair amount. I already own Janomes, the 607 and SMD2000. Both great machines but there is always room for a back-up.

  21. It has been so helpful to read your comments. I had the Frister Rossman for my birthday last week, but found the instructions next to useless! The machine is lovely and I’m slowly getting to grips with it but nice to know I can ask on here for help.

      1. Hi susie,
        I watched a youtube about using a gathering foot. When I used the one which came with my machine I just got an ordinary straight stitch. Can you help, please?

          1. I worked out if you put tension on number 9 and longest stitch length it gathered. But couldn’t attach top piece of material as shown in youtube. Need a different foot I think.

            1. Hi Berny, the foot that I have, that came with the machine, is just capable of gathering the material – as you say you need to have the tension at 9 and longest stitch length. It doesn’t gather very much but if you help the fabric to go through a little quicker than it naturally takes it, then it gathers more. There’s a different gathering foot you can get (probably the one you saw on youtube), which has a horizontal slot between the lower and upper part of the foot – the fabric to be gathered goes under the foot and the fabric to stay straight goes into the slot.

            2. Hi susie,
              Do you know if any snap on feet for other machines work on the frister and rossman Qe404. It’s difficult to find accessories for ours but the likes of singer and Bernina and janome supply lots of different feet.

            3. Hi Berny, I have a Janome as well and find that most of the snap on feet from the Janome fit on the F+R too. I mostly buy universal snap on feet so that I can use them on both machines.

  22. Hi Susie
    Where did you get your cut and hem presser foot from or did it come with the machine? Or is it the one also known as the narrow hem foot. Think I may be using that one quite a bit.

    1. Ensure the first pattern selection light is lit, if not press the ‘select’ button until it is. Then press the pattern selection button (the circle with the backwards L shaped arrow). Next press the right-hand button ‘+’ of the width selection to highlight the zig-zag stitch. Press the pattern selection button again. Adjust the length and width to what you want.

      Hope that helps?

      Susie x

  23. Hi can anyone help I have a frister rossmann 681c and can’t get it to work for buttonhole keeps coming up with button lever error Only got it Christmas

  24. Hi, I had this problem, there is a little lever on the left hand side, just above the needle , you pull this down, if you check error messages in the book it does show you, took me quire a while to find It though! Hope this helps . Julie

    1. Thank you Julie have done my ten buttonholes , had a few cliches with it though would stick in one place or start of straight stitching could be as it was on lace Marie

  25. So glad you mentioned about the thread in back to front. Started using my new 681 yesterday and exactly the same thing happened to me. Saved me a lot of panic!

  26. Hi if anyone can help please on the overlocking foot on how your suppose to use it seems to have a cutting blade on it . No infor in book on stitch length as there is a bar in centre where needle would come come down shows you for overcasting sewing in book Marie

  27. Hi Susie
    can you buy the cut & hem foot for the 681c fr mc as I didn’t get one of these with mine great tips in comments thanks Marie

    1. Thanks Marie, tutorial for cut & hem foot here:

      The cut & hem foot I have is a universal one, says on box will fit most zig zag machines – it’s called the Side Cutter II – Overlock Cutting & Sewing – Model no: R-CT10.

      I did a Google search for Side Cutter II, R-CT10 and here’s a few I found:

      For UK, it can be bought here: (scroll down to find it, costs about GBP15).

      I also found it here (USA) on sale, reduced from US$49.99 down to $24.99

      Hope that helps,
      best wishes
      Susie x

  28. hi I have this machine, could you tell me how to do the buttonholes or can you do a tutorial. I have to keep turning the fabric, but I thought it should be automatic, I must be doing something wrong.
    thanks sam

  29. Yes I wonder if you could help me with the same problem as I also would like instructions in English.Tony

  30. I took delivery of mine this afternoon and I love it already. Turns out Im more experienced than I thought I was as I was able to “drive the basics” sans instruction manual. Although I have poured over your blog since I decided this was the one I wanted (thank you for such detailed tutes!)
    But Im stumped on one thing. In the kit, there was a blue donut type thing. I have no idea what its purpose is and I wondered if you could shed some light? DH already has it in his sight for lego storage!

  31. Hi the donut type thing is for your bobbins which is so helpfull as you can make up your bobbins and the threads don’t fall out I found it a brilliant idea I had to buy another from amazon hope you find it as usefull as I have yours in sewing Lorraine

  32. Thank you Lorraine:) How fabulous is that:) I have always had my bobbins in a clip it box with little baby size hairbands around them to stop them tangling. I gave my old brother sewing machine to a friend, with the starter kit that I still had left from that one. Now I’ll pass on the little hairbands too:)

    1. Hi Coralie,
      for some strange reason there isn’t any 1/4” mark on the guide of the QE404 (not sure if the other F+R are the same?). When I’m using this machine, with the standard sewing foot, I use the right-hand groove of the foot as a guide or you could stick a piece of tape with the edge running along where the 1/4” mark should be (1/8” to the left of the 3/8”) mark. It’s annoying that this machine doesn’t have this mark, isn’t it?

  33. Incredibly annoying:( I thought initially that I saw a line in the bobbin cover. But it’s really not easy to see. Ive stitched a bit of skirt elastic to go around the free arm and it just kinda sits there now. I use a 1/4″ SA a lot:(

  34. Hiya,
    I cannot pull up the bobbin thread. Please help. This has happened once before when it was new, but then worked for months. I have re threaded many times, changed needle, cleaned shuttle etc, used different thread and bobbin, everything I can think of- it’s doing my head in! Any suggestions?

  35. Looking for an English instruction booklet as I have misplaced mine for the QE404. Any possibility you can help me find one? Thank you! Geri in Canada

    1. Hi, I’ve have a few readers ask me about an English instruction booklet for the QE404. I have one which came with my machine. I can scan it and email to you. Soon as I get a chance, I’ll do that if you like?

      1. Thank you Susie, I appreciate it very much…looking forward to receiving it and using my machine…it’s been sitting for 4-1/2 years since I purchased it. Thanks, again!

          1. Hi Susie, I found the manual so hopefully you haven’t scanned it yet, hope you got this message in time and saved you the time. Looking forward to checking out your site more thoroughly. Regards, Geri

  36. I’ve recently bought this machine and I am having difficulty with raising the bottom thread. The instructions are not very clear. It cam threaded up and I practised with it and loved the machine but once I had used the thread, I needed to ‘re thread and now I am stuck. Any help and guidance would be great. Please

    1. Hi Marie, no problem.

      Hold the bobbin with the thread coming out to the left-hand side. Drop it into the bobbin shuttle and bring the thread around to the front of the shuttle where there is a little indentation, near centre front. Bring the thread through this notch and then pull it gently to the left, then along a little bit to the second notch. Take the thread through this second notch and pull the thread out toward back of machine. Lay the excess thread across the sewing area toward the back of the machine. With the needle threaded up, hold the end of the needle thread out to the left and use the hand-wheel to bring the needle down and then back up again, keeping a hold of the needle thread. Once the needle is fully back up again, pull on the needle thread and it should bring up a loop of the bobbin thread. Pull this up. Pull both threads toward the back of the machine. Hopefully you should be good to go now.

      Hope that helps,
      Susie x

  37. I adjusted the bobbin case screw on my Frister & Rossman 681C and damaged the plastic on the bobbin case, can you advise on where I can purchase a new bobbin case

  38. Lynda I had the same happen and contacted the ironing press (UK) they sent me a replacement within a few days.Now Im just not touching the screw through that slot-prefer to take it out completely.
    I must admit though I was disappointed when the bar on my overlock foot broke off. I emailed them to ask if they stock spares as I couldnt find them online. The response I got was “yes, call (telephone number) to order-£10″.I wasnt expecting a freebie, but an “oh dear, sorry to hear it. We dont show it online but you could contact me at (telephone number) to replace” would have been nice. I ordered a Janome foot (I think another poster asked about this too?) And it works perfectly.
    Susie, I have discovered the rolled hem foot-the book calls it the narrow hem. And I absolutely adore it.I am struggling to get it started neatly, and I wondered if you have any tips for me?

    1. Hi Coralie,

      thanks for your helpful reply to Lynda.

      Yes, the rolled hem foot is great (aka the narrow hem foot)! Once you get it started it works beautifully with very little effort but, as you point out, it’s notoriously difficult to start it off neatly. You need to roll over the start of the hem twice, keeping the double roll narrow. Then feed that part into the foot so that the fold of the rolled over section goes into the rolling bit of the foot. I use a pin (or something else narrow and pointy) to manipulate the fold through the rolling part of the foot, until the fabric is far enough through it to lower the presser foot. It’s easier to do this when you’re starting the hem at a corner but more difficult when it’s a hem with no beginning or end (such as the bottom hem of a top). In this case, I pick the starting point and double-fold over a small section. Hold it firmly, at the back and front of the rolled section and then work the fold into the presser foot. Sometimes it still needs manipulating with a pointy tool.

      Start stitching slowly and (using your right hand) gently curve the fabric edge over the left as it goes through the foot. I find this helps to maintain the double rolled hem and keeps it consistent. You should be able to speed up the stitching once you get going. 🙂

  39. Hello I have found your article and review very interesting, are you still very happy with this machine?

    1. Hi Carol, thanks. I’m pleased you’ve found it helpful. Yes, I’m mostly still happy with this machine although have had a few hiccups with it. It’s went back to the seller twice for a service and repair as it’s had a couple of minor probs. The first thing was that it made a horrible noise one day and seized up. It was promptly fixed and returned but I didn’t get an explanation of what was wrong. The second thing was that it started missing stitches and it just required to be serviced as worked perfectly after that. It’s been fine since. I change around from this one back to my trusty Janome 7025, which is a more basic machine but lovely to use. Both have pros and cons. The Frister is so much quieter and the needle up/down is a good feature. It also has more stitch options. The Janome though is extremely reliable and I just really like it. I’m happy with both these machines and it’s always good to have a back up when you sew a lot.

  40. Thank you Susie, Ive pasted your comment in my notebook and will give it a go next time I sit down. Ive spent the last two days stood at my kitchen counter filling a sewing ham with pet bedding and its a job and a half! Im glad you said right hand as I have cerebral palsy and my left hand doesn’t usually do what I ask it to;)

  41. Hello Susie,
    I have a QE404 and have at last ‘made it go’! It is maddening as I do not have an instruction manual. I am desperate to use the machine properly but the computer selection is just a random hit and miss affair at present. I have even tried , in my total frustration to sell it on, but that was unsuccessful.
    I have gone blind trying to track down a source for manuals on the internet….all to no avail.
    I am wondering if you have access to a manual of sorts and could let me know how to get one, before I give up completely. I would be really grateful if you could help.

    1. Hi Lynda, I’ve been asked quite a few times now about the manual for the QE404. I got a manual with mine, it’s not fantastic as it’s an English translation and so a bit confusing at bits but I have an idea – I’m going to do a post with my own instructions for the machine to help anyone out who doesn’t have a manual. Hopefully I’ll explain it a bit better than the manual as well! Watch this space, will do as soon as I can.
      Susie 🙂

      1. Fabulous idea…at the moment I am just pushing random buttons and hoping for the best, so I would be really pleased about your doing this. Will watch eagerly for updates. Thanks for the quick reply.

  42. Hello Susied

    I’ve been reading all of the posts with interest. I’m looking into this machine but wondered is the lettering just capitals or does it sew little letters too?

    Thank you and great site!

    The Tango Doll!

    1. Thanks Eirwen, I will get this post done soon as possible. Meant to have done already but been so busy! I’ve not forgotten though. Thanks for stopping by. Susie x

  43. Hi Susie, I have the Frister Rossmann Euro special. I have just started to embroider so thought I would experiment with the stitches. I managed to lower the feed dog (although it wasnt obvious what or how I did It) and now I cannot raise them. Any suggestions please,

    1. Hi, it will appear that they haven’t risen as nothing seems to happen but in fact they will be up again. It won’t be apparent until you start to sew again. Hope that helps. Susie x

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