How to Attach and Use Sewing Machine Embroidery Presser Foot

How to remove currently attached presser foot and foot holder:

Most of the presser feet you change on your machine are changed by simply pressing on a button at the back of the presser foot holder. The current foot drops off and you clip on another foot. However, some feet attachments have a holder arm, which needs to be screwed onto the presser foot arm.

1. Ensure machine is turned off at power
2. Raise the presser foot lever
3. Raise needle to highest position
4. Remove the current presser foot, by pressing the button at back of foot holder
5. Remove the foot holder, by loosening the screw at the left hand side of the presser arm.

How to remove the presser foot holder from a sewing machine

Sewing machine presser foot holder/ankle removed

How to attach the embroidery foot:

1. Attach the embroidery foot, by bringing the holder part of the foot around the back of the presser arm and hook it on between the screw head and presser arm.
2. Hold the foot in place with right hand whilst you tighten up the screw. Ensure it’s tightened up securely.

Sewing Machine Embroidery Foot

The embroidery foot attached at presser arm screw.

How to use the embroidery foot:

1. Lower the feed dogs (the teeth under the needle area that pull the fabric through)  – refer to your manual for how to do this. Mine has a sliding button at the back of the free arm, which is accessed by removing the sewing extension table. If your machine can’t have the feed dogs lowered, use a darning plate in conjunction with the foot to cover them.
2. The thread tension should usually be adjusted to a lower setting as well, best to experiment with the settings on your machine. Thread the machine up as normal.
3. Get your fabric and start stitching. I pull the threads out to the side or back and once I’ve stitched a little. I trim away the excess thread from the beginning so that it doesn’t get in the way and get tangled up, as you move the fabric around. Practice moving the fabric around and seeing what happens. Move it around randomly or in shapes, flower/leave shapes, side to side, move it slowly, move it quickly… See what effect you can get. Change thread colours to build it up.

Using a sewing machine embroidery foot
Using a sewing machine embroidery foot

4. Hold the fabric with both hands and guide it in whatever direction you want the needle to go. I didn’t bother using an embroidery hoop in the picture above but probably best to use one to keep your fabric taut.

5. You could also use image templates to great effect. Draw / transfer designs straight onto the fabric, using air-erasable / washable fabric markers or you could use water soluble stabiliser – trace your design on to the stabiliser (pencil is fine, don’t use felt tip pen it’ll stain your stitching or fabric when you remove the stabiliser). Place the stabiliser on top of the fabric, fit the hoop and stitch away. Soak the stabiliser to remove afterwards, in cold or warm water. it will disappear as if by magic!!


12 thoughts on “How to Attach and Use Sewing Machine Embroidery Presser Foot

  1. This is a great article for people who do not know how to use all of their sewing machine feet, especially an embroidery foot! When I first started using mine for free motion quilting, it was a little difficult at first but with practice, you get the hang of it. I absolutely LOVE free motion quilting and it’s the only way I quilt!

  2. Nice Tutorial! Maybe next you could explain how to use the sewing machine as a buttonhole sewing machine? Do you need any special elastic yarn for this? Really hard to find a button attaching machine.

  3. Oh my gosh thank you soooo much for this, I was scouring the web trying to find some instructions on how to attach the foot and finally came across your post – put the screw between those bars!! Haha yes it’s so obvious now but I was having such trouble trying to figure it out. I knew it wasn’t supposed to be all wobbly. Ahhh thank you so much for putting an end to my misery!!

  4. I can not get the part to attach to the presser foot for some reason. The screw does not attach to any thing . What am I doing wrong ? Have had it apart before so must be forgetting something . Please help

  5. Wanted to say thanks so much for your help with this sewing machine. I’m a beginner, and the included instructions weren’t very helpful – your posts have been a big help and I’m really enjoying playing with the machine now. I’m still unable to attach the walking foot though – if you could do a tutorial on that, it’d be really helpful. Thanks again! 🙂

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