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Tutorial – How to Attach Magnetic Snap Bag Closure

Magnetic snaps are a great way of adding a hidden closure to a handmade bag or accessory, enabling you to achieve a nice professional finish. It’s really important to accurately mark the position to attach them, otherwise they may be off-centre and might not meet properly. The snap parts are attached to the fabric pieces before you construct the finished project as they don’t have a finished back – the back parts will then be hidden between the main and lining layers of the project.

So, if you’re using a magnetic snap for the main closure top edges of a bag, you need to attach the parts to the front and back lining pieces of your project; these will be either the main body lining or the interior top band panels. If the bag or accessory has a flap closure, you need to add one half of the snap to lining side of flap and the other half of the snap to the outer front section of the project.

Step 1: Once you’ve added any required fusible interfacing (or pinned sew-in interlining) to the wrong side of the fabric, use a ruler to measure how far down from the top edge you want the snap to be and then find and mark the centre point, across  the width of the fabric. Mark this point with a small dot (fabric marker, chalk or pencil). Place the snap backing plate on right side of fabric, with centre hole at the marked dot and mark the two slits.

Attaching Magnetic Snap 1

Mark the slit positions for snap

Attaching Magnetic Snap

2. Add extra square of interfacing/fleece to wrong side of fabric at the snap position.

Attaching Magnetic Snap 2

3. Cut slits through all the layers, using seam ripper

Attaching Magnetic Snap 3

4. Insert magnetic snap prongs through the slits, from front to back

Attaching Magnetic Snap 4

5. Add back plate and fold metal tabs over toward outer edges

Repeat the above process to attach the other half of snap to the opposite bag section.

Attaching Magnetic Snap 5

Front of snap (female section)

Attaching Magnetic Snap 6

Front of snap (male section)

Attaching Magnetic Snap 7

The finished result, snap parts on bag interior

Check out my PDF sewing patterns on Etsy or on the SusieDDesigns website to find projects which you could add magnetic snaps to. You’ll also find magnetic snaps to purchase at

2 comments on “Tutorial – How to Attach Magnetic Snap Bag Closure

  1. Isabel's Needleworks
    April 22, 2014

    Thank you Susie, this was very helpful while I was making my latest projects :)

    • susieddesigns
      April 22, 2014

      Hi Izz, you’re very welcome. I’m really pleased you found it helpful.

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