Sorting Through Mountains of Fabric and Lovin’ it!

I’ve spent the last few days sorting through lots of amazing fabrics, trying to choose which to use for my new book projects. I was so excited to receive some complimentary bundles from Moda Fabrics, Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Michael Miller Fabrics, especially for using in the book. Gosh, the things writing a craft book can do for you!

Sierra Fabric Collection from Robert Kaufman

Sierra collection by Bren Talavera from Robert Kaufman Fabrics

I was also very fortunate to receive some interfacings/interlinings/fleeces from Vilene and Pellon. Vilene I already use and love, it’s widely available here in the UK, but Pellon I’d never tried before and so I was keen to try out their equivalents to Vilene so that I could confidently recommend both options in the book. I’m enjoy the opportunity of trying them out and finding them to be really good so will definitely be able to recommend them. Pellon, very kindly, also sent me a complete list of all their products which shows which Vilene products are comparable to them. So I’ll maybe see if I can do a post sometime about the Vilene / Pellon equivalents. I found it extremely helpful so I’m hoping you might too.

Well, I’ve been like a kid in a sweet shop as I’m sure you can imagine. Isn’t it just the greatest thing in the world to be surrounded in gorgeous fabrics? I know all the designs I’m doing for the book so it’s just a case of matching them to the perfect fabric combinations. Boy, is it hard though as I love so many and I also want to use some of my own fabric stash too! I think I’ll need to make a couple of each project in different fabric designs to help me choose. Despite that, some are really easy to choose as the fabric just jumps out as being perfect for ‘that’ design.

Wishes by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics

Wishes by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics

How do you choose your fabrics? Do you choose the project first and then choose fabric for it, or do you pick the fabric first and then find a suitable project. I must admit that most of the time I choose and buy fabric first and then match it to a project. I love to browse and if a particular fabric jumps out and catches my eye, then that’s the one I choose. I know this can lead to buying more fabric than you need, but I’m a self-confessed fabric-aholic and can’t resist and I know I’ll use ‘the chosen’ ones at some point! 😉

Hope you like the little sneak previews of the fabrics above, they are very strong contenders for the book. We shall see…

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8 thoughts on “Sorting Through Mountains of Fabric and Lovin’ it!

    1. It’s good having such lovely fabrics to work with. We’re very lucky to have such fantastic designers who are always coming up with such amazing prints for us all to work with.

  1. Beautiful fabrics Susie, I can tell you are having a lot of fun 🙂 For me I tend to fall in love with the fabric first 🙂 I usually find a project or two to use it on . Good luck on your book, can’t wait until its out on the shelves.

    1. What a lovely thing to say, thank you very much Anny. Yep, I love to collect fabrics too. Half the fun is having all these beautiful colours and print designs to drool over and to imagine what they can be made into.

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