Free Tutorial Fabric Covered Buttons Instructions and Templates

Hi all, sorry been a bit quiet for the last few weeks. I’ve been so busy lately what with all the project making and writing for my book. Taking a break now though, as I’ve finished the projects and getting them ready for being shipped off to the USA. Yippee! All the text done too! Got to go through it all now and proof read before sending off to be edited and illustrations still to do. Getting there!

So, I thought it was about time I caught up here. I have a free download available on Craftsy at the moment. It’s a tutorial for making self-cover buttons and it includes full step-by-step instructions with colour images and I’ve also included templates for most of the standard sized buttons available. These are best traced off onto transparent paper, such as pattern paper or baking parchment. The templates have an inner circle which you use to get the fabric placement just right, perfect if the fabric you’re using has a small motif or a particular pattern that you’d like centered on the button front.

If you’ve already used self-cover buttons then you’ll know how easy they are to use, but for those who haven’t I’m hoping that you might like this little tutorial. I could never understand the appeal of covering buttons until I tried it myself and then realised just how enjoyable (and useful) it is to do this. I love to add a perfectly co-ordinated button to a bag or accessory as it finishes off the look really nicely. They’re great for any accessories and clothes too.

Get the PDF download free in my Craftsy shop

buttons for covering with fabric


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