Look what Daddy made for the Kids!

Now that I’ve got a wee bit more free time (well at least for a few weeks anyway!) I’m catching up on loads of things I’ve been eager to show you. This post doesn’t involve any sewing (although I’m sure I can try sneak it in somewhere) but it is about something handmade.

Recently, hubby decided that he’d try build an old-fashioned go-kart for the kids. The onus was on the materials needed being free/recycled/reused if possible. Low and behold, he managed to get the perfect wheels from our local refuse centre! Two big ones off an old Silvercross pram and two smaller ones. He then managed to get some discarded wood from our local kitchen merchants. They had some chipboard wood from the bottom of their pallets which was just destined for the dump site. So home he came with a large sheet of that. He got to work, with the addition of some metal clamps, a sturdy nut and bolt and a piece of 2×4 wood (had to pay a few pounds for them, suppose you can’t get everything for free). My dad also helped by making a specially angled piece of wood for the seat area.

The final bit needed was some rope, for the steering and also for one of us to hold onto so they don’t go careering off down the hills as there’s no proper brake on it and we live in a very hilly town. Well this is where I came in with my sewing stash (see, I told you I’d sneak it in somewhere!) I had a bag full of colourful cords which was perfect. So, here is the finished result, what do you think? As you can imagine the kids love it! Such a clever daddy!

Homemade Go-Kart 1

Homemade Go-Kart 2


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