Look What Mum’s been up to at Quilting Class!

My mum recently began attending a quilting workshop and I was so impress with the blocks she’s been working on that I just had to share some pics with you. They are still work in progress but already looking so fab, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished results.

Quilt block 1

Quilt Block 2

Quilt Block 3

As well as sewing and quilting, my mum also loves to crochet. This is something I really must learn to do one of these days. Crochet went out of fashion for so long but I believe it’s now enjoying a massive revival. I can see why and I love all the different colours my mum has used in these blocks. I’ll update this post with the finished articles soon (no pressure mum!), so watch this space.

Crochet 1

Crochet 2


4 thoughts on “Look What Mum’s been up to at Quilting Class!

  1. So pretty! Is that Liberty of London on the quilt square? I’m in the mood to make a crochet “granny afghan” like I made in the seventies. (Showing my age here…) 🙂

    1. Thanks Anny, my mum will be pleased. I think it is Liberty, I’ll need to check with mum. Did you see the Liberty of London documentary show that was on recently? Not sure if it was just shown in the UK. I loved it, especially the one where they showed their fabric department and the very talented lady who designs the new ones. Remember to show us your granny afghan when you get a chance to make it.

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