Quilted Patchwork Cushion – a handmade gift

I had great fun making this patchwork cushion for my mum’s Christmas present. I took pics whilst I was making it, so that I could also show how it was made. I took the finished images once mum had opened up the parcel, so that I could convince her to be in the pictures too. So, outside we went to get some shots and here’s my lovely mum and the nearly as nice cushion…

patchwork quilted cushion

I used a layer cake pack in gorgeous red and yellow tones from the Simple Marks Summer collection by Malka Dubrawsy for Moda. Aren’t the colours just so rich and vibrant? My mum has plenty of cushions but I couldn’t resist making her just one more!

I arranged the squares into a layout I liked and took a photo to remind me how I wanted it to look.

cushion 1

To make the triangle sets, I laid one solid and one print square right sides together and drew a diagonal line from corner to corner. Stitched either side, 1/4” from the line and then cut along the line to get two triangle sets. I repeated this with the other sets.

When opened up, the seam allowances were pressed to one side – toward the darker of the two fabrics, so the seam wouldn’t show up on the right side.



I stitched the squares together to make each row, following the layout I’d planned, pressing the seam allowances to alternate sides so that they locked easily together when joining each row. The horizontal seams were then pressed to alternate sides.





I sandwiched the block with a layer of batting and lining, pinned together and did some simple machine-quilting – just some diagonal lines and some ‘in the ditch’.


I had a few left over squares which I thought would look nice as a border on the back of the cushion. I decided on doing a simple two part, overlapping cushion back. Once I’d added the patchwork border to the upper half, I added a layer of batting and a layer of lining fabric. I brought the lining fabric around the raw edges of the border to form a self-bound edge which I topstitched into place. (I’ll need to update later with a pic of the self-binding, as forgot to take one!!)


I finished off the cushion be placing the front and back pieces right sides together, with the two back halves overlapping each other and all outer edges matched up. The edges were all stitched with a 1/4” seam and then all zig-zag stitched to finish off the raw edges.



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