Customer Makes – Handmade Bags

Thought you might like to see more fabulous handmade bags made by some of my sewing pattern customers.

Bernadette Tote Bag Sewing Pattern

Irene De Bruyn made this gorgeous bag from the Bernadette Tote sewing pattern. I love the vibrant fabric Irene has used! Looks great bordered with the black.

Irene De Bruyn made the Bernadette Tote

Irene De Bruyn made the Bernadette Tote

”I made a lovely bag from this pattern, everyone compliments me on it. The pattern instructions were very clear and easy to follow, and it was easy to download and piece together. (First time I had done it). I’m going to make another one. Very happy with it” Irene De Bruyn

Millie Diaper Bag / Millie’s Big Sister Diaper Bag Sewing Pattern

Stacy Kinel made this fun, modern baby bag from the Millie Diaper Bag sewing pattern. It’s so cute and what a fabulous job Stacy did. Even the interior looks great! Love the fabric choices! If you’d like to see more of Stacy’s work, she has a shop on Etsy, called Sew Darn Fashionable, where she sells some of her handmade items, including travel purses and burp cloths.

Stacy Kinel has made the Millie Diaper Bag

Stacy Kinel has made the Millie Diaper Bag

Stacy Kinel - Millie Diaper Bag (interior)

Millie Diaper Bag interior – handmade by Stacy Kinel

”I purchased the Millie’s big sister bag pattern and I just wanted to say thank you! I really like the design.” Stacy Kinel

Emma Handbag and Layered Hipster Bag Sewing Patterns

Sarah made these gorgeous bags from the Emma Handbag and the Layered Hipster Bag sewing patterns. Again, I love the use of the beautiful fabrics and fantastic sewing. Love them!

Sarah made the Emma Handbag from a SusieDDesigns sewing pattern

Emma Handbag, handmade by Sarah

Sarah's Handmade bag from Layered Hipster Bag sewing pattern by SusieDDesigns

Layered Hipster Bag handmade by Sarah

The patterns are so easy to follow. The two bags I have made so far for gifts have turned out great!” Sarah

I hope you like all these brilliant handmade bags and thank you very much to Irene, Stacy and Sarah for allowing me to share them with you.


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