Sewing Tutorial – Sewing Buttons with a Sewing Machine

Using your sewing machine to stitch buttons in place is so quick and easy. If you hate hand sewing buttons, this little tutorial is for you. Practice these steps on scraps of fabric before doing the real thing though.

sewing machine button presser footThe button presser foot.

machine sewing buttons 2Remove the presser foot that’s currently attached and attach the button presser foot.

machine sewing buttons 4Lower the feed dogs – if you’re machine doesn’t have the facility, use a cover over the feed treads.

machine sewing buttons 3Once you’ve marked the button position on your fabric, place the fabric under the foot and then slide the button into position (ensuring you have at the correct placement). Lower the presser foot lever to hold button in place, with the two holes of the button visible between the cut out space at front of the button foot. The stitch width needs to be adjusted to correspond with the distance between the button holes. (see next step for checking this)

machine sewing buttons 5With the needle in normal straight stitch position, use the hand wheel to carefully bring the needle down into the left-hand hole (adjust fabric/button position if need be). Bring the needle back up and adjust the stitch width so that the needle can now also go down the right-hand hole. Using the hand wheel, double check that the needle goes through both holes without hitting the button. Slowly stitch back and forth 6-8 times.

machine sewing buttons 6Lift presser lever and gently remove the fabric/button. Trim away the excess threads. Ta Da! One button done!

Go on, give it a go!

If you’d like to see how to use the automatic buttonhole facility on your sewing machine, head on over the my previous post.


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