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I was delighted to be nominated by the lovely Michelle from Sewnhenge for the Blog Hop that’s doing the rounds just now. Every Monday, people from creative blogs have been answering a few questions and then nominating other blogs to so the same. This is a fantastic way of finding new blogs to follow, to learn from and to share with. There’s a huge amount of talent floating around on the web these days which deserve a big shout out.

This blog hop involves answering some questions about your creativity and then nominating a favourite blog, or two or three, which you enjoy and think others should know about.

So here goes with my answers to the questions posed, with a few images thrown in of things I’ve made:

“Why do I write?”

I decided to start up my blog not long after starting my home-based sewing business. I wanted to share what I was making, offer tutorials and inspiration to other like-minded people and, of course, social media is very important to most businesses so I also write to promote my sewing patterns and bag-making supplies which I sell from my website at SusieDDesigns

I get a lot of enjoyment from sharing ideas, advice and tutorial with my readers. When I first started writing my blog, I felt so nervous about it. I didn’t know if anyone would find it or if they’d even be interested in what little old me had to say. I received such a lovely warm welcome from others though, much to my delight and surprise, and have ‘virtually’ gotten to know and love some wonderful people.

Simplicity New Look Pattern 6356 View D (1)

“What am I working on?”

I’ve been working on quite a few new projects for Love Sewing magazine and upcoming issues of Sewing World magazine. This is something I love doing. Contributing to magazines and seeing my work in print is such an amazing thrill and privilege. The excitement never wanes, when the magazine drops onto the doormat and I get to see my work alongside the other amazing talented contributors, I feel so proud and even humbled. Yes, I can assure you my feet are kept firmly on the ground.

I’ve also just recently completed going through the page proofs for my new book! It’s due out March next year and I can’t wait. This was such a huge, exciting break for me and I am so looking forward being able to share more about it with you.

Purse Frame Clutch by Susan Dunlop for Love Sewing magazine

“How does my blog differ from others of its genre?”

Hmmm, not too sure as there are so many sewing blogs out there. I try to offer a good mix of interesting things that other keen sewists/crafters might be interested in, such as things I’m working on, new projects, magazine/book reviews, sharing my expertise on bag-making/accessory-making, sharing my learning experiences of dressmaking, sharing sewing advice and free tutorials. I also try to make the blog as user-friendly as possible and always answer comments and if I don’t know the answer to something I will do my utmost to find out, so that I can then help my reader. I like to think that readers can feel comfortable to ask if they need help and feel confident that they’ll get the help they need, either from myself or another reader.

View C Top - New Look sewing pattern 6356

“How does my writing process work?”

I don’t have any set process. I couldn’t set myself goals of having to write every day or even every week as I have a husband, four children (two little ones) and pets to look after and just wouldn’t be able to commit to a set time-table. I work when and as I can, fitting it all in, around the house and kids. I also don’t want to ever get to the stage where I feel that I must blog just for the sake of it. If blogging is a chore then I don’t think anyone should do it. It should be an enjoyable process and I hope that comes across in my writing. I sometimes jot down a few ideas on what I should blog about and then write it when I have the time or when I’m in the mood. Most of the time though, I’ll just suddenly think ”oh, that would be a good thing to blog about” and do it there and then when it’s on my mind. My writing style is also just as a I think about it, like I’m talking to someone face to face (without them interrupting me or getting bored!!).

Daisy Mae Bag Sewing Pattern by Susan Dunlop for Sewing World Magazine

The blogs I’d like to nominate for next week are:

Seamstress Erin who is such a lovely, adorable lady with a lot of talent. I love reading her blog posts which are always interesting and full of really nice imagery. She’s a very talented, down-to-earth person who makes really lovely clothes and also writes for magazines, oh and she’s a Ph.D. scientist too!!

Modflowers is another blog I like to keep up to date with. It’s full of an eclectic mix of sewing/crafting inspiration and the most gorgeous fabrics made into equally gorgeous finished items. Very inspiring blog!

A Stitch to Scratch is my third nominee. This is a brand new blog which is by a lovely young lady who is going to share her ‘learning to sew’ escapades with us and I’m looking forward to following Hayley’s posts. I’m sure you’ll warm to this blog as much as I have.

Well I hope you’ll enjoy visiting the blogs I’ve nominated, if you don’t know of them already. Thank you, Michelle, for nominating me to join the blog hop.

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  1. Yay thank you so much for joining along! I agree with you, I don’t think blogging would be any fun at all if there was a strict time table. You just have to let it out when the mood strikes!

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