My New Book! Style and Swing – 12 Structured Handbags for Beginners and Beyond

I’m so excited to announce that my new book, Style and Swing, is available to pre-order on Amazon! As some of you will know, this has been a long awaited personal achievement for me and it’s been so hard not being able to say much about it so far. So, at long last, I can reveal my new book!

Style and Swing - 12 Structured Handbags for Beginners and Beyond by Susan Dunlop

”Discover patterns for boutique-quality, yet achievable bags and accessories, including a pleated clutch, market bag, satchel and wallet. Find how-to techniques and resources for materials.”

It’s still got a little while to go until the USA release date, which is 3rd March 2015, so I was pleasantly surprised (jumping around, ecstatic!!) when I saw it was up on Amazon. I’d received my copy of Martingale & Co’s (my publishers) wholesale catalogue through the post yesterday and there was a full-page showing off my new book. That in itself was really exciting! Just on the off-chance, I thought I’d do the vain thing and put my name into the search bar of Amazon (I’m sure I’m not the only new author that’s done that though) and there it was! I can’t tell you what a wonderful feeling it was to see it there. It has taken such a long time to get to this stage, now it feels real at last.

I hope you like the title (my lovely publishers came up with it!) and I hope you like the cover design too. I will be revealing a little bit more about the actual projects in due course. Watch this space!

If you’d like to pre-order Style and Swing, visit or

Susie x


15 thoughts on “My New Book! Style and Swing – 12 Structured Handbags for Beginners and Beyond

    1. Hi Amanda, thank you so much. Yes, definitely! Everyone will have to forgive me for shouting from the rooftops in the lead up to its release. Such a big, exciting time! Thank you so much for your support. x

      1. Yes, we def need to get one. And near my birthday so it will be on my list! I have got an award ceremony on wed for a gold award I have worked with some children at school on….it is about sustainable travel to school…..I am going to go buy fabric with bikes on to make a dress today !Haha I will look like a crazy woman……but my reason for sharing this….it is possible we could be in the national finals so I was thinking of you……I need to make the satchel in Love Sewing in same fabric! As we would need to go to London to get the award. I would def need a bag! Hahaha I love planning ahead! Fingers crossed! Lol

        1. Oh fantastic! That is great news and wishing you all the very best for that. Please do let me know how it all goes, oh and if you get the chance to make my satchel project I’ll be so pleased to see pics of it. 🙂

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