Style and Swing: 12 Structured Handbags for Beginners and Beyond

Hooray! My new book is (at long last) being released next week! 14th April 2015 in the USA, through the Martingale & Co. website and 21st April through I’ll also have signed copies available through my own UK website from 14th April, ahead of the later UK release. So, if you’re in the UK, head on over to Style and Swing - 12 Structured Handbags for Beginners and Beyond by Susan Dunlop Style and Swing: 12 Structured Handbags for Beginners and Beyond If you’re a new-comer to sewing, or you’re more experienced but haven’t made bags before, Style and Swing will walk you through the steps and techniques you’ll need to know. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked on bag-making and you’ll be able to stitch up the best bags ever!

The patterns progress from really easy through to more challenging designs, building up slowly with each pattern so that your confidence can grow as you learn. style and swing - 12 Structured Handbags for Beginners and Beyond - some of the projectsA comprehensive information section is included at the beginning of the book which includes everything you need to know about sewing terms, tools required, fabric preparation, stabilizers and how-to techniques. So even beginners will feel confident in tackling all the fun-to-make projects included in Style and Swing. The detailed illustrations throughout each project show clearly how to complete each step so there’s no guess work involved.

Beginners will benefit from starting off with the Funky Handbag which gently introduces you into the world of bag-making. The Large Market Bag and the Uptown Shopper are sure to be a hit. They are both fairly easy to make and look absolutely stunning in bright, vibrant fabrics.

If you’re an experienced sewer, jump right in and tackle whatever project takes your fancy. If you get stuck at all, simply refer to the techniques section to learn how to complete a particular task. Get adventurous and adapt or customize your bags to suit your needs. Have a go at projects such as the Trendy Hipster Bag, the Groovy Satchel, the Layered Satchel or the Tri-Fold Wallet. Any of these projects will offer the challenge you’re looking for and you’ll end up with a finished accessory to be really proud of.

Any of the projects included in Style and Swing will make perfect gifts for friends and family, or indulge in some selfish-sewing and just keep them for yourself. You’re bound to find it hard to part with your handmade masterpieces!

Images from Style and Swing by Susan Dunlop, Martingale, 2015; used by permission. Photos by Brent Kane. All rights reserved.


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