New eBook! Bag Making Techniques for Beginners & Beyond!

kindle front cover 9

I’m so excited to announce my new eBook, available for pre-order now on Amazon! Bag Making Techniques for Beginners & Beyond is a comprehensive new sewing guide to get you designing and creating the best bags ever!

There are so many different styles of bags; the possibilities of creating a unique accessory are endless. The techniques I’ve covered in this new book will arm you with the knowledge to adapt ready-made patterns and to design your own bags from scratch!

The book begins with lots of helpful advice on choosing fabrics, how to use stabilisers and which tools to use; the basic elements for making the best bags. If you’ve never made a bag before, start off by making the lined tote bag project. You’ll then be able to work your way through the technique sections, learning about different construction methods and how to make more complex bags, by adding a range of bases, pockets, zips, handles, flaps, hardware and so on.

I’ve included a whole range of techniques, tips and know-how, which will enable you to make fabulous bag designs you can be truly proud of!

Pre-order your copy now, for release date 26th March 2019!

Bag Making Techniques by Susan Dunlop